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Formulated with a moussey texture, it gently cleanses the skin, leaving a feeling of softness to the touch.

It is enriched with betaine and allantoin which create a protective film on the skin and make the product suitable even for sensitive skin.

Betaine is a natural amino acid with a high moisturizing and protective power as it has the ability to bind water molecules present on the skin surface and prevent evaporation.

Allantoin , in addition to a protective effect, has a soothing action, effective in alleviating redness and skin irritation.

Directions for use : Shake before use. Apply to previously wet skin to cleanse it. Rinse with water.

An aromatic, unisex fragrance.

The horizon is blue. Bergamot, sunny and bright, meets Rosemary. Aromatic, sometimes pungent. On the skin the Salt, which has become crystal. Clear, unmistakable. A dip refreshes, leaves room for the new. Mint leaves, tender softness, green. Hidden Energy. Now the view is satisfied, the horizon is complete. Cedarwood and Guaiac, a precious forest protect Patchouli and Musk, gifts arriving from afar. The magic of the story unfolds all around.

Top Notes: salt, rosemary, bergamot

Middle Notes: water and mint

A’Mmare Bath Foam

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